In wine, the Beauty said the Latins

Today they talk about us and our cosmetics line on Wine News

The popular Wine News magazine talks about our DIVīNE cosmetics line and how its production respects the Ischian wine tradition handed down by the Greeks of Euboea, but with a strong eco-friendliness.

Here is what they write about us:


"...While in Ischia, land of indigenous grapes such as Biancolella or Guarnaccia, Casa D'Ambra has managed to create a line of wine cosmetics, "Divine", which respects the Ischian wine tradition handed down from the Greeks of Eubea, but with a strong eco-compatibility. At the winery, it was discovered that the marc from the island's 'reds' is also rich in polyphenols. Hence the idea of transforming the remains of the grape crushing process into wealth for body care. Re-using the pomace for cosmetics also means disposing of it, saving the considerable cost of disposing of it, and, above all, the environment is respected because it prevents the polyphenols, in contact with the soil, from stealing oxygen from the plants...".



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15 December 2021