Il Territorio: l’isola d'Ischia

un piccolo paradiso, un gioiello nel golfo di Napoli.

Casa D'Ambra every year purchases almost 5.000 tons of grapes from 150 vine-growing ischitani, 120 of which associated in Cooperativa. The business owns 4 acres of vineyards in Frassitelli and one acre in Montecorvo. Casa D’Ambra aims for local vineyards: for white wines the varieties of biancolella, forastera and uvarilla; for red wines piedirosso and guarnaccia. To testify the attention towards the improvement of the grapes' quality and homologation of the old varieties, in 1995 an experimental field was set up in Frasitelli. The field is a sort of genetic bank for the revival of the missing varieties. This way, the varieties of Guarnaccia and Guarnacello, Coda di Cavallo and Streppa rossa, Rillottola and Don Lunardo, and then Catalanesca, Uva romana, Uva procidana, and Uva coglionara can come back into the island's wine production panorama.

“Ischia, paraviso ‘e giuventù,
Ischia, chistu mare è sempre blu!”

Ischia Mia - Antonio De Curtis

Our commitment for Ischia

Casa D’Ambra and the restoration of agricultural landscape

The preservation and restoration of the agricultural landscape are today more than ever, a social priority for the island of Ischia.

It is right here that the old vineyards found a perfect habitat, making it possible to produce unique and prestigious wines with a “difficult viticulture”: steep slopes, dry stone walls, stone stairs, hot sun, wind, sea, human labour. History, gastronomy and landscape intertwine into the glass in places like Ischia where cultivation still means cultivation.

The viticulture on the island of Ischia is still today the protagonist of agricultural landscape excellence, where the quality of wine shines through the care of the soil, maintenance of walls, trails, rural buildings and preservation of biodiversities, of spontaneous species and the cultivation of ancient produces as an antidote to the homologation of supplies.

Since the end of the 1960s, the viticulture of the island has deeply changed. More than 2000 acres were sacrificed for the tourism business, with the complicity of the ongoing land speculation.

These are some of the reasons that drove the generations of D’Ambra’s family, devoted to wine for more than 100 years, to try and restore the island’s landscapes.

Casa D’Ambra un aiuto che conta


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